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January, 2018: Southern Funeral Director, “5 Questions an Aspiring Funeral Pro Needs to Answer” by James Shoemake, President of Dallas Institute of Funeral Service

Simply stated, the purpose of any institution of higher education is to prepare students.  “Prepare for what” varies depending on the school’s mission or even one’s belief whether the purpose of higher learning is strictly to prepare one for the workforce, or rather to nurture critical and creative thinking.  I think it’s both.  Mortuary colleges obviously focus on educating and preparing students for a career specifically in funeral service, but critical thinking, good decision-making, solid communications and other “soft skills” will also make for a much better funeral professional.  That’s why an aspiring funeral professional preparing for a job interview should be ready to answer questions that go beyond the functional requisites of the day-to-day job as an embalmer or funeral director.  Following are five questions that reveal deeper preparedness for successful career in funeral service.  Find out what the answers to these five questions are here.