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Clay Murphree

Clay Murphree

Faculty Member

Clay Murphree is an instructor at Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, currently teaching Embalming I, Embalming II and Chemistry III, as well as a clinical preceptor. Clay graduated from the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service with his Associates of Applied Science Degree in Funeral Service through the Distance Learning Program, while concurrently working with his local funeral homes. Clay received his Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Business Administration from Ottawa University.

Clay’s love for the funeral industry began in high school, but at the time, his path led in different directions. The road that lead him to the funeral home has been long and winding through many job fields from Emergency Services working with Fire and EMS crews, 911 dispatching, then work in the oilfields of Texas but feels that funeral service is where he belongs. Clay feels that instructing new Funeral Directors and Embalmers is such a rewarding effort, knowing that he has a chance to help shape and mold those who wish to help others in their time of need.

Clay says, “I believe serving families in the roles of Funeral Director and Embalmer an honor certain people were born to do. It takes special people to work in the funeral service, and I am thankful to be one of the few who are able to serve those in their most trying times.” “Being able to help future Funeral Directors and Embalmers learn not only about the importance of our chosen careers, but how to thrive in this industry is an amazing thing, and the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Clay married his wife Michelle in 2006, and have four children and one grandchild.

In his spare time, Clay enjoys time with his family boating on the lake, camping, and keeping up with any type of mechanical work.  Clay is also an avid Jeep enthusiast who enjoys spending time out on the trails, while managing a regional Jeep club helping with meets, charity events and instructing newer off-road enthusiasts. Mr. Murphree teaches Chemistry III, Embalming I, and Embalming II.