Bachelor's Degree Program

Dallas Institute of Funeral Service (DIFS) completed a new articulation agreement with our sister College, Mid-America College of Funeral Service (MACFS) to facilitate the efficient transfer of students between the two quality funeral service institutions of higher learning. The Online Bachelor of Science in Funeral Service Management will provide a clear path to academic achievement, lead to expanded opportunities, and ensure that DIFS students continue to have access to higher education in funeral service.

The agreement, which goes into effect immediately, enables DIFS students who graduate with associate degrees in funeral service, that have passed both National Board Exams (NBE), a seamless pathway to transfer to the bachelor’s degree program at MACFS, receiving credit for all of their completed courses. The agreement features a transfer course equivalency table that represents the required and elective courses that align with those completed by degree-seeking students at MACFS.

Students who earn an associate degree from DIFS in funeral service and have passed both NBE exams will be awarded full transfer credit into the MACFS and afforded the opportunity to complete the Online Bachelor of Science degree in Funeral Service Management. Students who follow this path can complete their associate degrees at DIFS in five (5) quarters (100 quarter credit hours), and then earn their bachelor’s degrees from MACFS in four (4) additional quarters. (80 quarter credit hours)

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